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    Building better markets is the core focus of Tradeweb. It’s what we do day in and day out. This is the space where we share with you the views and insights we’ve gained through our years of experience. Stop by often to see what’s happening in the market and get our unique point of view on the issues that affect our industry now and into the future.

  • Channels

    • Tradeweb box
      The online voice of Tradeweb, offering news and insight on key issues in fixed income and derivatives from the center of some of the world’s largest financial markets.
    • FinReg Alert Thumb Blog

      A central resource for timely information on reform of the OTC derivatives market, FinReg Alert offers fresh news, commentary, and research to better inform market participants on the events shaping the market's future.

    • Data Points
      Data Points consists of analytical coverage of our markets with information and data aggregated from across Tradeweb’s database of real-time fixed income and derivatives trading activity.

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