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Monthly Activity Report

As the leading institutional, wholesale and retail marketplace for fixed income, derivatives and ETF trading, we believe that market participants will better understand the real impact of e-trading with more centralized access to data on our market activity.


Average daily volume (ADV) for the month was $972.2 billion (bn), an increase of 34.2 percent (%) year over year (YoY). Average daily trades for the month totaled 58,916.

In U.S. Credit, Tradeweb captured a record 9.9% share of High Yield TRACE, of which 6.4% was fully electronic. Activity was driven by record share in portfolio trading and Tradeweb AllTrade, with strong growth in both sessions-based and RFQ trading.

Volumes & Day Count

TW Historical ADV and Day Count through July 2021.pdf
TW Historical ADV and Day Count through July 2021.xlsx
Tradeweb Markets July 2021_MAR Press Release_Final.pdf
TW Trade Days Calendar.pdf
TW Trade Days Calendar.xlsx

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