Our order management, risk reporting and account management solutions deliver significant cost savings by streamlining and simplifying operations.



We Take the Complicated Out of Operations

To ensure that our integration solutions meet or exceed expectations, we assign a dedicated development support team to our clients. This team oversees all phases of the integration process and provides continued personal support throughout the project's lifespan.

We've designed our platforms to seamlessly integrate with your internal and third-party trading systems-including account, risk, and order management systems (OMS), as well as third-party clearing firms, confirmation systems, and STP vendors.

Complete API Integration Streamlined Trade Processing Multiple Integration Options
  • Virtually eliminates duplication of work

  • Reduces risk and the potential for errors

  • Enhances efficiency, transparency and compliance

  • Creates a more secure workplace

  • Speeds data capture, processing and reporting

  • Shortens settlement cycles

  • Creates a single secure connection to counterparties and third-party vendors

  • Eliminates manual entry of key transaction details

  • Reduces operational risk with cleaner processing and tighter controls

  • Lowers operational expense and maximizes scalability

  • Increases trader and trade support productivity

  • Leverages clean, efficient and robust technology

  • Delivers high-touch relationships with low-touch requirements

  • FIX - Financial Information eXchange

  • XML - eXtensible Markup Language

  • Text File - Comma delimited post-trade file

  • FpML - Financial Products Markup Language (for derivatives)

  • Spreadsheet - Copy and paste upload

  • Tradeweb Command Language - Automated upload

  • Proprietary Protocols - For dealers

  • Alliances


Tradeweb's alliance members include:
Trading Systems Integration Vendors Other Technology Partners
  • Advent

  • BlackRock Solutions

  • Bloomberg AIM, TOMS

  • BNY ConvergEx (Eze Castle Software)

  • Calypso

  • Charles River

  • Decalog

  • ITG

  • Fidessa LatentZero

  • Kondor+

  • LineData Services

  • Murex

  • OpenLink

  • Simcorp

  • Sophis

  • Thinkfolio

  • Wall Street Systems

  • APL Sofia

  • AxeTrading

  • Broadway Technology

  • GATElabs

  • Inforalgo

  • ION

  • List Technology

  • Logicscope

  • Prefis

  • Pulse Software Systems

  • Scitus

  • Soft Solutions

  • Trade West Systems

  • Trading Screens

  • TransFICC

  • Ullink

  • CME

  • DTCC Deriv/SERV

  • ICE

  • LCH

  • Markit Wire

  • MIAC Analytics

  • Reuters RTNS