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Swap Execution Facility (SEF)

Liquid. Efficient. Flexible. Compliant.

Success in the changing derivatives marketplace means having the right tools to access liquidity, manage risk and execute your trading strategies. We know that traders need the flexibility of a broad range of protocols to efficiently get their business done, that’s why we offer two regulated SEFs – our RFQ platform, TW SEF LLC, and our anonymous CLOB and voice RFQ platform, DW SEF LLC.

Key Features:

  • A broad suite of trading protocols for maximum flexibility
  • Seamless connections to clearing and automatic SDR reporting
  • Advanced tools for credit checking and compression
Tradeweb Announces JSCC Clearing for MTF and SEF Yen Swap Transactions News Release


Tradeweb has operated  the regulated TW SEF LLC since 2013 with all currently mandated derivatives supported:

  • More than $390 trillion traded on TW SEF (as of 1Q24)
  • The largest U.S. SEF in 2023 for Interest Rates Swaps*

*Data: Clarus Financial Technology


Dealerweb has operated the DW SEF LLC since 2013, serving the wholesale marketplace:

  • DW SEF offers USD IRS, Basis Swaps and OIS among other products
  • DW SEF supports voice, electronic and hybrid execution
  • More than $28 trillion traded since launch (as of 1Q24)




Swaps Data

CFTC Filing and Notifications for TW SEF

CFTC Filing and Notifications for DW SEF

SEF Governance for TW SEF

SEF Governance for DW SEF

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