Liquid. Efficient. Flexible. Compliant.

Success in the changing derivatives marketplace means having the right tools to access liquidity, manage risk and execute your trading strategies. We know that traders need the flexibility of a broad range of protocols to efficiently get their business done, that’s why we offer two regulated SEFs – our fully disclosed RFQ platform, TW SEF LLC, and our anonymous CLOB and voice RFQ platform, DW SEF LLC.

Key Features:

  • A broad suite of trading protocols for maximum flexibility
  • Seamless connections to clearing and automatic SDR reporting
  • Advanced tools for credit checking and compression


Tradeweb has operated  the regulated TW SEF LLC since 2013 with all currently mandated derivatives supported:

  • More than $50+ trillion traded on-SEF
  • The largest U.S. SEF in 2017 for USD Rates Swaps

Data: Clarus Financial Technology


Dealerweb has operated the DW SEF LLC since 2013, serving the wholesale marketplace:

  • DW SEF offers USD IRS, Basis Swaps and OIS among other products
  • DW SEF supports voice, electronic and hybrid execution
  • More than $3 trillion traded since launch (*as of 3Q18)






CFTC Filing and Notifications for TW SEF

CFTC Filing and Notifications for DW SEF

SEF Governance for TW SEF

SEF Governance for DW SEF

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