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The addition of r8fin’s fixed income trading and analytics technology allows us to deliver an integrated product suite for accessing the U.S. Treasury market through multiple liquidity pools across cash and futures.

The algorithmic-based spreading and aggregation technology, as well as the thin-client application, AIR, facilitates the execution of complex futures and related cash leg trades as a complement to our existing offerings, creating a valued and broad-based approach to trading U.S. Treasuries.

The r8fin technology ecosystem creates a seamless client experience across the trade lifecycle featuring:

  • Digitized pre-trade client connectivity
  • Specialized execution algorithms & smart order router
  • CRM, Trade Management System (TMS) and automated trade recap
  • Complex and flexible limit management
  • Trade analytics
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  • AIR: Web-based trading application allows clients to stream pre-built or custom synthetic multi-leg instruments and route orders to the executing broker electronically
  • FIX: Leverage Spread Engine or any r8fin outright algorithm via standard FIX protocol
  • Algorithmic Spreading: Spreading of futures curves/flies, UST basis/flies, TEDs and cross currency structures in price or yield terms using Spread Engine
  • Algorithmic Calendar Roll Execution: Duration weighted calendar rolls with bond, curve, funding and TED hedges using Roll Engine
  • Algorithmic Outright Execution: Cash and futures outright algo execution using TWAP, Cobra, Striker, VWAP, OCO, Mirror, and Stop Plus algos

Workflow Diagram

Connected to all major global futures exchanges: CME Group, Eurex Exchange, ICE Group, Montreal Exchange, Osaka Exchange, Sydney Futures Exchange, CBOE Futures Exchange, Hong Kong Futures Exchange, Euronext Paris Exchange, Singapore Exchange

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