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TRADEWEB DIRECT: Retail and Middle Markets

Tradeweb Direct is the premier fixed income trading venue for retail financial advisors, sell-side traders, and buy-side investors to access fast, reliable execution and portfolio analytics.


Tailored Trade Solutions

Tradeweb Direct is one of the largest fixed income marketplaces in the U.S. for financial advisors, sell-side traders, and buy-side investors, featuring leading offerings in Municipal Bonds, U.S. Corporate Bonds and Certificates of Deposits (CDs).

Driven by years of experience and partnership with clients, our systems are engineered with flexibility in mind, creating highly efficient solutions tailored to the specific needs of all our market participants, including retail wealth management firms, broker-dealers, and buy-side investment managers.

Key Features:
  • Direct access to deep liquidity integrated with portfolio analytics: 200+ liquidity providers, 280K+ live executable markets and 160K+ unique fixed income securities
  • Multiple trading protocols allow for flexible execution: Click-to-Trade, Request for Quote (RFQ) aka BWICs/OWICs, as well as Posting Resting Limit Orders.

  • Various compliance controls, data and reporting as well as optional white-labeling
  • Easily manage fixed income portfolios with seamless front-to-back connectivity, order validation and post-trade execution technology 
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