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Deep Liquidity

Tradeweb Direct connects more than 200 leading dealers to a broad network of financial advisors, RIAs, traders and buy-side investors to form one of the largest market destinations for electronic trading in municipals, corporates, agencies, MBS and certificates of deposit.

Offering Includes:

  • 280K+ live executable markets
  • 160K+ unique securities
  • 1 in 5 municipal trades reported to MSRB happen on Tradeweb Direct
  • 1 in 7 corporate trades reported to TRACE are executed on Tradeweb Direct
Facilitates 1 in 7 of all corporate trades title inside white square outline


  • Products Products chevron_right 
  • Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Hybrid/Capital Trust Preferreds, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), U.S. Agencies, U.S. Treasuries, Pass-Throughs, Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs), Asset-Backed Securities (ABS), Unit Investment Trust (UITs) and Structured Products
  • Products Distribution chevron_right 
  • 80,000+ Retail Financial Advisors
    350+ Active Buy-Side Clients

  • Trade Lifecycle Trade Lifecycle chevron_right
  • At-Trade  Post-Trade 

    Live Market Click-to-Trade

    Request for Quote (RFQ)

    Trading Tools

    Liaison Workstation

    Portfolio Solutions Analytics & Reporting

    Parameter-Based Live Market Search

    Suitability Module



    Market Check


    Order Entry Validation 

    Markup Disclosure Solutions

    DOL Fiduciary Solutions

    T+1 Trade Monitoring Compliance
  • Trading Hours Data & Reporting Services chevron_right
  • IDC Evaluated Pricing
    Diver Reports from Lumesis
    DPC Data
    Moody's Bond Reports
    S&P Capital IQ Research Reports

  • Trading Hours Integration chevron_right 
  • Straight-Through-Processing (STP)
    FIX API Connectivity

  • Trading Hours Regulation chevron_right
  • TRACE and MSRB Reporting
    Regulated by SEC and FINRA

  • Trading Hours Trading Hours chevron_right
  • Americas

    8:00 am New York time open - 5:00 pm New York time close

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