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Emerging Markets Interest Rates Swaps

As the only electronic platform to offer a complete Emerging Markets solution across all asset classes, Tradeweb’s EM Interest Rates Swaps (IRS) platform gives EM rates traders and portfolio managers access to superior content, smart execution protocols, and strategic workflow tools.

Interact with a broad network of market participants and navigate global markets across Asia Pacific (APAC), Central & Eastern Europe, the Middle East & Africa (CEEMEA) and Latin America (LATAM).

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What does Tradeweb’s Emerging Markets Interest Rate Swaps platform give you?

You can access:

  • 16 currencies
  • 25 local and global dealers

What you can expect from our enhanced trading platform functionality?

  • Pre-trade transparency, including price discovery and analytics
  • Real time and historical EM IRS pricing data to support price discover and trade executions
  • Greater marketplace reach
  • Access to deep liquidity from top market makers
  • Full integration with front and back office systems, reducing operational errors
  • Execution automation with our award-winning Automated Intelligent Execution tool – AiEX

Key benefits from trading on Tradeweb’s EM platform:

  • Greater transparency
  • Reduced risk
  • Access to 16 currencies and 25 liquidity providers
  • A more competitive and efficient market
  • Access to real time and historical EM IRS pricing data

A growing list of currencies to support your EM trading strategy:

With 16 currencies currently available on Tradeweb’s EM platform, we deliver highly transparent and valuable market insight: BRL, CLP, CNY, COP, CZK, HKD, HUF, ILS, INR, KRW, MXN, PLN, SGD, THB, TWD and ZAR.

A comprehensive range of execution protocols to help enhance your EM trading strategy:

Request-for-Market: Helping EM swaps investors navigate periods of market stress

Protect your trades from information leakage and minimize your market footprint with Tradeweb’s Request-For-Market (RFM) trading protocol. With RFM you can request a two-way price from multiple dealers at the same time, without disclosing the direction of your trade to the wider market. Having led the way in digitizing RFM, Tradeweb continues to offer clients a growing suite of execution tools for optimal and efficient execution.

What are the benefits of our Request-for-Market trading protocol:

  • Protect trades from information leakage
  • Minimize your market footprint
  • Capitalize on efficiency gains of electronic trading
  • Limit post-trade information to dealer network

Program Trading: Fill your RFQ throughout the day for trades too large to execute in one go

Extend your request-for-quote (RFQ) time with Tradeweb’s newly launched program trading protocol. As Tradeweb continues to innovate, this unique tool gives dealers until the end of the day to fill the full notional in smaller incremental amounts – throughout the course of the day.

We’ve been bringing greater transparency to the global Swaps marketplace since 2005, helping to reduce risk and create more competitive and efficient markets. As the first platform to automate online multi-dealer-to-client trading for derivatives, we continue to work with buy- and sell-side participants to drive the evolution of our platform for both the developed and emerging markets.

Find out more about how you can trade across our global markets.



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