•  The global standard for multi-dealer trading

    We’ve been the benchmark source for U.S. Treasury bond trading since 1998. In fact, Tradeweb is the birthplace for the multi-dealer request-for-quote trading protocol, which has now been widely adopted across fixed income and derivatives markets. And as the move to electronic trading intensifies, the range of functionality available to our clients will continue to grow dramatically.

    Key features:

    • More than 1,000 institutional clients
    • Liquidity from 30 leading market makers 
    • More than a million price updates daily
    • Average daily trading volumes in excess of $30 billion
    • 22-hour round-the-clock trading

    Positioned for the future

    We already provide the full range of functionality for the U.S. Treasury multi-dealer-to-client marketplace — giving asset managers the ability to trade the complete yield curve, as well as butterflies, swaps, STRIPS and TIPS. We also have enhanced roll pricing and the ability to trade lists of securities real-time or at a dealer’s closing levels. And as investors become more sophisticated, we’re positioning ourselves for the future by developing more complex trading solutions and working with clients to more fully automate the complete trading workflow.


  • U.S. Treasuries
    Trading Hours


      7:30 am New York time open
      5:00 pm New York time close

    • EUROPE

      7:30 am London time open
      5:00 pm London time close

    • ASIA

      9:00 am Tokyo time open
      5:00 pm Tokyo time close


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