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    Tradeweb Direct is one of the largest market destinations for electronic trading in Municipals, Corporates, Agencies, MBS and Certificates of Deposits. We provide access to liquidity from over 200 leading dealers and have supported more than $6.1 trillion in trading volume since 1999. We offer Request for Quote (RFQ) and Click-to-Trade (CTT) functionality with streaming prices and the ability to submit orders on live markets—ensuring the flexibility you need for meeting your trading objectives. All transactions are anonymous up to the point of execution, at which time all users are notified of the identity of their counterparty and details pertaining to the execution.

    How It Works  How It Works 

    How It Works
    Over 2,100 Liquidity Takers access the platform through seamlessly integrated white labeled sites, so users search and buy live and executable inventory with the benefit of Straight-Through-Processing. Clients can also connect to their own proprietary front-end via a FIX connection. How It Works   More than 200 Liquidity Providers send prices to Tradeweb Direct using FIX connections, web interfaces, Bloomberg TOMS, SFTP or proprietary systems. These prices are integrated into Tradeweb Direct and channeled through a robust distribution network to institutions, registered investment advisors, traders, and wealth management professionals.
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