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A Global Leader in ETF RFQ Trading

Our marketplaces provide efficient access to competitive over-the-counter (OTC) prices in the global ETF and close end funds (CEF) markets. Get better pricing by putting multiple liquidity providers in competition, streamline your workflow and demonstrate best execution with robust electronic audit trails.

Key Features:
  • Trade all U.S.-listed ETFs and CEFs, European-listed ETFs/exchange-traded commodities (ETCs) and Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Tokyo listed ETFs
  • Coming soon - ability to centrally clear European ETFs in partnership with EuroCCP
  • Access 33 liquidity providers globally
  • Local market ETF teams providing real-time trade support
  • 23 hour trading in U.S. ETFs


  • Liquidity Providers
    Liquidity Providers chevron_right 24 providers
  • Products Products All U.S. listed ETFs
  • Trade Lifecycle
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  • Pre-Trade At-Trade Post Trade


    National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO)

    Dealer Rankings


    Request for Quote (RFQ)

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    Risk (Block)

    Net Asset Value (NAV)

    Market-on-Close (MOC)



    Automated Intelligent Trading (AiEX)


    Audit Trail/Compliance Record

    Straight-Through-Processing (STP)

    Execution Reports

    Liquidity Provider Performance Reports

    Best Execution Metrics

  • Trading Hours
    Trading Hours chevron_right
  • Global Trading Hours
    9:00 am Tokyo time open
    5:30 pm New York time close

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