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    The cutting edge technology of the Dealerweb electronic marketplace complements the voice trading brokerage businesses of Hilliard Farber, RaffCap and J.J. Kenny Drake to enhance their processing and reporting capabilities.



    Designed by traders, for traders, the Dealerweb electronic platform offers a highly liquid and anonymous trading environment using order-book technology with the benefits of seamless workflow. Brokers gain efficient access to liquidity for a range of asset classes, including TBA-MBS, U.S. agencies, U.S. Treasury securities and outright, roll and swap trades.


    • TBA-MBS
    • U.S. Agencies
    • Interest Rate Derivatives
    • U.S. Treasuries
    • Markit IOS/MBX
    • European Credit Default Swaps

    Hilliard Farber Group 

    As part of Dealerweb, The Hilliard Farber Group continues to grow as a premier voice brokerage in North America. With a legacy of strong relationships and leading industry expertise, Hilliard Farber's reputation and focus on client service supports a smooth introduction to a more efficient, electronic workflow as customers migrate toward e-trading on Dealerweb. This balanced approach is what drives a gradual, more effective transition towards efficient and transparent execution and trade processing across the evolving electronic market landscape of tomorrow.


    • TBA-MBS
    • Arms and Specified Pools
    • Tri-Party Repo
    • U.S. Treasuries
    • Asset-Backed Securities
    • Markit IOS/MBX
    • Agency CMOs


    RaffCap Group 

    Dealerweb further expanded its presence across inter-dealer markets in October 2011 with the acquisition of the RaffCap Group. Bringing a strong heritage in capital markets brokerage, fixed income traders within Dealerweb gained the ability to buy and sell large blocks of U.S. Treasury and Agency securities in a secure, anonymous market with maximum liquidity and timely execution. Trades are executed at a single price through outright purchases and sales, or through intra-market yield curve swaps. The addition of the RaffCap Group has enabled us to further expand our inter-dealer business into off-the-run government bonds and credit markets. By offering a superior range of services that allow you to access liquid markets, we’ve strengthened our position as a leading broker of U.S. Treasury securities.


    • U.S. Treasuries
    • Repo
    • Taxable Munis
    • U.S. Agencies
    • Investment Grade Corporates
    • BABs
    • TBA-MBS
    • Preferreds


    J.J. Kenny Drake Group 

    J.J. Kenny Drake introduced municipal bonds to the Dealerweb family as a part of the RaffCap Group acquisition in 2011. A premiere municipal bond broker to the dealer community since 1949, J.J. Kenny Drake also provides regional and national coverage on approximately 500 screen pages of market activity, offerings and bid-wanteds; coverage by region, state and bond type; and descriptions on various advertised issues through web and digital feeds. Dealerweb is a member of the FINRA, SIPC and MSRB. 

    For Bid Wanteds and Offerings click: J.J. Kenny Municipal Trading System 

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