• Value and convenience

    Our Agency Discount Notes market is a natural extension of our commercial paper market — providing access to the combined inventories of the leading ADN dealers. Since we launched it in 2004, traders are now able to access both CP and ADNs in one convenient location — with all the benefits that come from trading securities electronically. 

    Key features:  

    • View premier market data including inventory and active pricing commingled on one screen.
    • Monitor active and inventory issues quickly, easily and efficiently.
    • Access and trade Fannie Mae offerings through their window.
    • Benefit from real-time pricing throughout the day. 
    • Reduce cost and operational risk by incorporating pre-trade and post-trade securities processing and integration.
    • Gain easy access to stored static data with AccountNet.

    The only source for real-time pricing

    Tradeweb is the leading source for commingled real-time Agency Discount Notes pricing — both indicative and inventory — on a single screen. Traders can filter our agency securities offerings in a variety of different ways with the flexibility to buy or sell-back quickly and easily. There’s truly no other trading network like it. 

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