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    Unparalleled price transparency, liquidity and trade efficiency

    Since 2005, we’ve been bringing greater transparency to the swaps marketplace — helping to reduce risk and create more competitive and efficient markets. The results are telling. Our clients have executed trillions of dollars of IRS trades on our ever-expanding liquid marketplace. You can execute outrights, benchmark vs. Treasuries, rate switches, IMM rate trades, butterflies and spread switches, all in one place. 


    • 400+ global clients
    • 15 currencies
    • 40+ dealers providing liquidity on the platform
    • Flexible trading protocols allow users to choose from a broad range of order types to execute their orders: Request-for-Quote, (RFQ), Click-to-Trade (CTT), Request-for-Market (RFM), Request-for-Stream (RFS), Market Agreed Coupons (MAC), and the ability to leave orders
    • Connections to all major clearing houses and SDRs
    • Sales Entry Ticket (SET) allows for compliant block trading

    Positioned for the future

    Amid the roll out of new regulations and an increased focus on market transparency globally, we are well prepared to help our clients in the new trading environment. In September 2013, Tradeweb received approval from the CFTC to operate a Swaps Execution Facility (SEF) that provides buy- and sell-side traders access to a regulated market that meets Dodd-Frank requirements. With pre- and post-trade transparency, full connectivity to reporting and clearing, and advanced tools for credit checking and compression, the Tradeweb IRS platform is built to give users the confidence they need to trade compliantly in the new derivatives marketplace.

    Our interest rate swaps marketplace offers greater operational efficiency, risk reduction, and sophisticated software to serve the evolving institutional marketplace.

    To learn more about our trading solutions, click here.

  • Interest Rate Swaps
    Trading Hours


      7:30 am New York time open
      5:30 pm New York time close

    • EUROPE

      7:30 am London time open
      5:30 pm London time close

    • ASIA

      9:00 am Tokyo time open
      5:00 pm Tokyo time close


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