• For complete access to the market for credit default swaps, Tradeweb provides real-time pricing, axes and market liquidity from leading dealers for Single Name CDS and CDS Indices . A shared platform between the U.S. and Europe offers enhanced pre-trade price discovery and improved post-trade efficiency. Our fully compliant SEF and MTF integrated platform provides seamless cleared or bilateral trading.

    Key Features:

    • Ability to send a RFQ to multiple dealers for roll pricing and outrights
      • AiEX automation for the speed and scale needed to drive efficiency
      • List tickets that allow multiple single name trades and portfolio rebalancing all at once
      • ‘Trade best’ button ensures dealer selection is prioritized by best net fee for curves, rolls and switches
      • Integration available for all major order management systems
      • New click to trade screens for Index that facilitates ability to trade with just 2 clicks 

      The Tradeweb SEF: Trading, Clearing and Reporting—all in one place.



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