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    Tradeweb has a rich history of technology innovation. We have built many markets – no two the same, but each tailored to the specific requirements of the participants. Aside from pioneering the use of the competitive request-for-quote, we have developed numerous other trading protocols including streaming quotes, inventory-based, and order book-style trading. Our architecture was designed from the beginning to be component-based so that we could be flexible in developing products and supporting various market structures. To this day we have maintained this architecture, along with a fundamental design approach, enabling us to respond quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements. Following is an overview of our overall technology platform:

    Technology Chart
    Tradeweb's applications are developed principally in house, ensuring that the latest design, methodologies, and tools needed to deliver low latency and stability have been adhered to and deployed. This ensures that our trade execution, trade processing and settlement applications, and proprietary algorithms specifically designed to automate the flow of trading activity around the world remain current. In-house technology presence also enables us to work directly with our clients for easy integration of third-party and proprietary systems - a must for meeting today's competitive demands.
    More technology detail can be found for each of the three business areas within the specific business areas on this website.



    BCP Statement

    Tradeweb maintains a Business Continuity Plan including redundant networks, hardware, data centers and alternate operational facilities to address interruptions to its normal course of business. These plans are reviewed periodically and updated as necessary. The plans outline the actions Tradeweb will take in the event of significant business interruptions including relocating technology and operational personnel to pre-assigned alternate facilities. Data is replicated in real-time and mission critical systems can be switched to alternate data centers if required. Tradeweb alternate operational facilities are equipped for continuation and resumption of business and settlement responsibilities, and are used and tested in an ongoing basis.

    Tradeweb recovery time objectives for business resumption, including those involving a relocation of personnel or technology are in line with industry standards.


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