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  • Technology

    Dealerweb's technology is based on a distributed architecture that uses both industry-standard as well as proprietary protocols and tools, servicing electronic and hybrid markets. Depending on their business model, clients can choose to connect to the Dealerweb marketpaces either using an API, or via the Dealerweb Viewer, a small, intelligent program which runs on an individual workstation or on a network file server at the client site.

    The API supports both the industry-wide FIX protocol, as well as a Dealerweb proprietary protocol.

    The Dealerweb Viewer runs on the Microsoft Windows range of operating systems and communicates with Dealerweb's systems across a dedicated real-time, encrypted TCP/IP point-to-point socket connection.

    The Dealerweb Viewer displays real-time, best bid and offer prices from the largest dealers for a range of products, and offers interactive and simultaneous trading with multiple dealers.


    Both the API and the viewer connect to specific ports within Dealerweb's systems, using secure, encrypted TCP/IP sockets. Clients must register their IP addresses with Dealerweb's firewall and user database.

    Dealerweb has carefully selected its connectivity partners, to offer the most reliable service available today to its clients. Dealerweb provides fully resilient connectivity on all published addresses.


    The session between the Dealerweb Viewer and the Dealerweb Server is encrypted using RSA security - considered the gold standard for cryptography.

    Each Dealerweb user is assigned a unique user name and password. The user name, password, and client's IP address must all match to be authenticated by Dealerweb when a connection is attempted.

    Once authenticated, the Viewer establishes a session with a Dealerweb Server; the Viewer can only connect to Dealerweb application servers.

    Trade Processing

    Trade processing is supported by functionality provided via the Viewer, and by Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs). The APIs use either FIX or proprietary protocols to allow a client to connect a computer to Dealerweb servers and implement trade processing using messages exchanged between Dealerweb and client machines.

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