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    Tradeweb Markets is a world leader in building and operating electronic over-the-counter marketplaces. Since 1998 the company has helped transform the way that business gets done in the fixed income and derivatives markets. Tradeweb’s position as the hub of electronic trading in fixed income and derivatives business has been made possible through a longstanding partnership with the industry.

    Tradeweb Markets builds better markets every day. View this video to learn more about our company. 

    Our focus has been to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the markets through the application of technology without significantly disrupting the business models of the world’s major financial institutions. Tradeweb has built a global web-based electronic network of thousands of the largest banks, asset managers, central banks, pension funds and insurance companies to buy and sell government bonds and other fixed income and derivative instruments. This client-to-dealer business is the largest of the three Tradeweb Markets divisions serving institutional investors in 22 markets, 15 currencies, and more than 50 countries around the globe.

    In the inter-dealer market, Tradeweb provides a broad range of award winning voice, electronic, and hybrid platforms to the major global banks. Dealerweb, the inter-dealer division of Tradeweb, was formed in 2008 following the acquisition of broker Hilliard Farber & Co, Inc. Since then Dealerweb has expanded rapidly, and in 2011 the business acquired the brokerage assets of Rafferty Capital Markets. Today, Dealerweb actively competes across a range of interest rate markets. It also operates a municipal bonds brokerage business through J.J. Kenny Drake, acquired as part of the RaffCap transaction.

    Tradeweb Direct provides advanced trading solutions for financial advisors and traders. The platform was built on our core strengths – experience and expertise – to bring innovation and efficiency to the wealth management community. Tradeweb Direct has become synonymous with superior execution, providing clients with easy access to live offerings, the most accurate pricing in the marketplace, and lightning-fast execution.

    Into the mainstream 

    All the electronic markets we operate provide greater transparency and efficiency. It’s why we’re trusted by the most influential clients around the world, and it’s the reason the leading participants look to Tradeweb when they trade fixed income and derivatives.

    Electronic trading and trade processing are no longer alternative ways of accessing markets; in today’s global financial marketplace they are essential. Tradeweb is chosen above other marketplaces because of our ongoing commitment to partnering with clients to build better markets. It’s in our DNA.
    Tradeweb provides low-cost access to the high-quality liquidity that market participants’ demand. But we’re not sitting still. Over the last several years, we expanded our platform coverage to not only support multi-dealer to customer markets, but also inter-dealer, and retail segments of the market. And we offer a full range of trusted pre-trade pricing and post-trade processing services to our global client base.

    Everything we do is to make the trading process better for our customers. We are always looking to offer more efficient and more transparent ways to provide access to deeper pools of liquidity. Our team of in-house experts understands our client needs, and works to make sure that everyone from our technologists to market managers and client support desks are focused on one common purpose — improving the way markets trade.


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