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Tradeweb Enters Inter-Dealer Market with Acquisition of Hilliard Farber

| Dealerweb

JERSEY CITY, NJ (November 3, 2008) – Tradeweb, a leading over-the-counter, online marketplace, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Hilliard Farber, an inter-dealer voice brokerage for mortgage-related and other U.S. securities. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Tradeweb additionally plans to launch an electronic inter-dealer platform for pass-through mortgage-backed securities in early 2009, complementing Hilliard Farber’s voice offering. 


The formation of an inter-dealer business is a natural extension for Tradeweb, which has played a pioneering role in developing electronic customer-to-dealer trading of debt securities and derivatives since 1998. Hilliard Farber provides extensive voice broking experience and expertise, as well as an extensive network of trading desk relationships, off which Tradeweb can leverage its decade of leadership in electronic trading to build a broader inter-dealer business. 


Hilliard Farber was one of the first inter-dealer brokers to trade mortgage-backed securities, when it opened a mid-town Manhattan office in 1975. Since then, it has grown to become one of the largest boutique brokers. 


Hilliard Farber’s brokers will continue to operate under the Hilliard Farber brand, and will offer voice broking in all their current markets, including U.S. Treasury securities, repurchase agreements, as well as specialty mortgage products: pass-through mortgage-backed securities, adjustable-rate mortgages and specified pools.


“Tradeweb is strongly positioned to develop an inter-dealer business,” said Lee Olesky, CEO of Tradeweb. “Our relationships with the dealers date back to the roots of e-trading; our expertise at building markets has been thoroughly tested; and we have a proven track record of delivering greater efficiency to both institutional clients and dealers.” 


“Hill provides a strong foundation on which we can build our inter-dealer business,” said Billy Hult, President of Tradeweb, who will now oversee Hill Farber and Tradeweb’s electronic inter-dealer markets. “Its extensive brokerage experience, combined with Tradeweb’s reputation in the electronic markets, promises to deliver a powerful offering to the dealer community.” 


“Tradeweb was a logical choice as we examined the strategic options for the business. It has a proven ability to create liquid and efficient electronic markets,” said Hilliard Farber, founder and owner of the company. 


About Tradeweb

Tradeweb is a leading over-the-counter, multi-asset class online marketplace, and a pioneer in the development of electronic trading and trade processing. The company provides services in the fixed income, derivative, and equity markets to clients in more than 50 countries. Since 1998, Tradeweb has operated a global trading network, which harnesses the distribution of the major investment banks with over 2,000 institutional clients. With its expansion into the equity markets, Tradeweb is leveraging AutEx, the industry leader for 40 years in providing indications of interests, and Tradeweb Routing Network, a global FIX network with more than 7,000 connections to over 750 firms. Tradeweb is owned by Thomson Reuters and nine leading global dealers.