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Direct access to Asian-based crossing network CLSA'S BlocSec is available via Autex Trade Route

| Tradeweb Markets

SINGAPORE, 10 May 2010: Tradeweb, a leading provider of online markets, and BlocSec, the first Asian dark pool which caters to both buy-side and sell-side investors, announced today the availability of direct access to Asian-based crossing network BlocSec via Autex Trade Route, a leading global FIX network.


"Since its launch in May 2008, BlocSec has become one of the preeminent Asian liquidity aggregator and electronic crossing networks for Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore equities," said Christian Chan, Director of Electronic Execution Sales at CLSA. "With our continuous commitment to expanding the BlocSec distribution network, we are pleased to extend the availability of our deep pool of anonymous liquidity to Autex Trade Route's global client base."


"BlocSec's unique buy and sell-side liquidity from across Asia is a welcome addition to the Autex Trade Route network, providing our clients with even greater choice and access to the region's growing variety of advanced execution methods and venues," said Robert Warshaw, Managing Director of Tradeweb.


About Autex 


Autex is owned and operated by Tradeweb, a leading provider of online markets and a pioneer in the development of electronic trading and trade processing. Tradeweb provides services in the fixed income, derivatives, and equities markets to clients in more than 50 countries. The Autex equities products, established over 40 years, include state-of-the-art solutions for discovering market liquidity such as Autex SMART IOIs, Autex Global TCA and Autex BlockDATA. The Autex Trade Route network, a leading global FIX network with more than 8,500 connections to over 1000 firms, offers streamlined connectivity and the ability to support the complete trade lifecycle. Tradeweb is owned by Thomson Reuters and ten leading global dealers. For more information, please 


About BlocSec 


BlocSec is the first Asia-based electronic crossing network to provide buy-side and sell-side investors access to a deep pool of anonymous liquidity for exclusive execution of Asian block trades. BlocSec's continuous, high speed order matching and execution minimises transaction costs and eliminates information leakage into the market. BlocSec is wholly owned by CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets and benefits from access to CLSA's global pool of investors as well as infrastructure, credit risk and clearing and settlement services. BlocSec is located in Singapore. BlocSec launched the Japan and Singapore markets in May 2008, the Hong Kong market in August 2008 and the Australia market in July 2009. In Hong Kong, the BlocSec service is only available to existing clients of CLSA.