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Reimagining RFQ

| Credit
Check out how you can breakthrough to more liquidity, more choice, and more efficiency in 3 minutes. 

Now there are MORE reasons than ever to think of Tradeweb when considering your next U.S. Credit RFQ trade. 


  • +175 dealer liquidity providers including 90 dealers streaming from Tradeweb Direct
  • +700 Buy-side and Sell-side accounts in the Tradeweb AllTrade® Network
  • +$50b of daily liquidity available in Dealer Inventory and Axes
  • Tradeweb Direct retail live order book is pulled directly into your RFQ – access to +250 liquidity providers, +250k executable markets, +224k unique securities
  • Access to hundreds of millions in unmatched dealer risk during Rematch, an exclusive Tradeweb AllTrade® A2A liquidity event at 11:08am and 2:08pm daily


  • Trade disclosed or anonymously using the Tradeweb AllTrade® Network
  • Average of 10.44 responses to an AllTrade RFQ for HY & IG highly liquid trades (YTD April 2023)
  • Enhanced RFQ list trading integrates Automated Intelligent Execution (AiEX) capabilities, allowing users to send an RFQ List with both manual and AiEX-eligible items for up to 300 line items 
  • Trade Buys and Sells on one RFQ list for all bond market segments (i.e. IG, HY, EM)
  • Use 2 timing mechanisms (Due-In or ASAP) to trade when and how you like
  • Trade partials, multi-counter dealers and see your quotes as soon as they come in
  • Alerts, Watchlists and an A2A Monitor makes it easy to respond to live AllTrade A2A inquiry
  • Competitive pricing with lower execution and intermediation fees


  • Cross and/or Spot trades on your schedule; A2A responders aren’t locked into your trading time, expanding the AllTrade Network to yet another set of exclusive liquidity
  • Net Spotting and Multi-Client Net Spotting, Tradeweb’s patent-pending technology gets you as close to the mid as possible for all corporate buys and sells against any Treasury benchmark. This can be done across dealers so you don’t have to pay the bid/ask on the Treasury spot
  • Integrated with over +450 proprietary Order Management Systems (OMS)