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Tradeweb Wins Twice at the GlobalCapital Awards!

| Tradeweb

We are excited to have won two awards at GlobalCapital’s 2017 Americas Derivatives Awards!  Tradeweb was named Overall Swap Execution Facility of the Year and Compression/Compaction Service of the Year in recognition of its industry-leading platform and solutions that continue to support e-trading of derivatives. 

As the only firm with a dual-SEF offering through TW SEF, a disclosed request-based market and DW SEF, an anonymous CLOB, Tradeweb holds the unique position of supporting a broad range of clients and delivering platforms that allow them to execute their positions efficiently. We remain one of the leading SEFs, according to ClarusFT, whose market share of buy-side IRS trading has grown from less than 5% before the trading mandate in March 2014 to more than 42% today. Clients choose Tradeweb to execute both interest rate swap and credit derivatives (CDX and iTraxx) trades, and since launching in October 2013, over $24 trillion in notional for IRS and $3 trillion in notional for CDS indices have been executed on Tradeweb. 

With more than $10 trillion in notional executed volume, our compression tool has continued to enhance the swaps trading process by creating a standardized protocol for netting cleared derivatives. This generates enormous efficiencies for what used to be a very manual process for pricing and executing a large number of swap trades. Tradeweb has continued to enhance our compression offering by working with clients to enhance every step of the trading process, resulting in the elimination of issues such as ensuring IMM dates and other necessary attributes for all offsetting swaps match exactly, to allow seamless trade execution

For more information on the awards and this year’s winners, please click here.

We’d like to thank our clients, employees and the industry for the important role you continue to play in our success!