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Tradeweb Launches U.S. Corporate Bond Marketplace

| Tradeweb

We launched the Tradeweb U.S. Corporate Bond Marketplace on Wednesday, the first phase of a total credit solution for trading corporate bonds efficiently. Our new platform provides institutional investors with enhanced price discovery, trade negotiation and automated processing with live, streaming prices for U.S. investment grade bonds. 

Tradeweb CEO Lee Olesky spoke with reporters earlier this week about the launch of the new platform. Based on an article from Bloomberg News, Olesky commented on the need to be measured and patient as the bond market goes through a gradual evolution, “Timing it right, when things transition, can be very difficult. My caution on timing is it’s not certain this will happen in the next three weeks, three months or two years.” 

According to Waters Technology, Olesky noted "Our view is we don't have a crystal ball in terms of the different ways customers want to do this. It's all about providing clients the tools to search out liquidity—whether single dealer, or an RFQ blast, or building an order book, we'll try it. We have to execute on that strategy over time.”

The platform initially supports trading of U.S. denominated investment grade corporate bonds and provides investors with pre-trade price transparency and real price integrity with 95% certainty that their orders will be filled on streaming prices. With more than 60 investors and 30 liquidity providers currently signed-on, the platform supports flexible request-for-quote (RFQ) and list trading protocols for both round- and odd-lot trades.

Additional details on our new corporate bond platform can be accessed here.