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Our Top Observations for the Global Fixed Income and Derivatives Markets in 2014

| Tradeweb Direct

Tradeweb recently issued the third annual Year-End Data Points, which discusses our Top Observations in the Global Fixed Income Markets for 2014. Data Points is a snapshot of key market news and movements that uses information from the Tradeweb fixed income and derivatives marketplaces and the world’s largest liquidity providers. The Year-End report is a review of the top themes in global fixed income and derivatives markets and highlights a number of economic, political and regulatory events that impacted the industry. The topics covered in this year’s report include: 

• SEF Trading Comes of Age

• Regulation in Europe and Asia is Taking Shape: Additional clarity is being provided 

• The Path to Economic Recovery Becomes Less Clear

• Central Banks Adjust Monetary Policy

• Oil Prices and Geopolitical Tensions

• Two-year Government Bond Yields Turn Negative (again)

• A Changing Municipal Bond Market

• Record Assets for ETFs/ETPs in Europe

• Debate Heats Up on Corporate Bond Liquidity

• ECB Stress Tests and the Recapitalization of Eurozone Banks

• European CDS Contracts under New ISDA Standard - Financial and Investment Grade Indices Converge

• Preview for 2015