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Corporate Treasurers Now Have Access to Tradeweb Through Strategic Alliance with ICD

| Tradeweb

As corporations cope with a changing business landscape impacted by regulatory changes and a low interest rate environment, they are expanding asset allocations. To help improve their access to liquidity, Tradeweb has formed a strategic alliance with ICD, a leading institutional and investment risk management company to enable corporate treasurers to access the Tradeweb platform through the ICD portal.

The alliance helps expand the universe of corporate treasurers accessing the Tradeweb platform for their trading needs. Through ICD’s portal, corporate treasury clients will soon be able to leverage the powerful tools and access the deep pool of liquidity available on Tradeweb to trade Money Markets securities, including time deposits, commercial paper, repurchase (repo) agreements, certificates of deposit (CD), U.S. agency discount notes, U.S. treasuries and U.S. agency securities.

Access to Tradeweb enables corporate treasury clients to trade a comprehensive range of institutional investment vehicles, while providing them with access to competitive pricing and deep pools of liquidity through leading liquidity providers.

Tradeweb CEO, Lee Olesky noted, “Our pre-trade data and trade execution are truly complementary for corporate treasury. Integrating our deep pools of liquidity with ICD’s offering represents a significant evolution in electronic trading and operational efficiency for corporate treasury.”

Tradeweb launched its Money Markets business more than 10 years ago, with the launch of a commercial paper market, and has since expanded the offering to include a full range of securities. Clients from around the world continue to turn to Tradeweb for all their money market needs, as the firm remains at the forefront of providing solutions that address the changing regulatory environment and support their trading goals.

Additional details on the alliance can be found here