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Average Daily Trading for Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) exceeds $20 billion on TW SEF

| Tradeweb

Since the launch of our swap execution facility, Tradeweb Markets has had a twenty fold (20x) increase in trading volume. In the first two weeks of September, the average daily trading volume on TW SEF for IRS increased to more than $20 billion compared to the first two weeks of trading on SEF since their October 2013 launch.

“SEF trading has absolutely exploded on platforms like Tradeweb since they launched less than a year ago,” said Tradeweb CEO, Lee Olesky in an interview with Wall Street & Technology. Tradeweb has seen a 400% percent growth in the number of clients trading derivatives electronically, and more than 110 derivatives trading clients execute over $230 billion in IRS on our request-based (RFQ) SEF. 

As clients have continued to shift a greater percentage of their derivatives trading onto TW SEF, they have benefitted from an efficient electronic trading workflow and access to portfolio optimization tools. For example, since its launch, our compression tool, an industry first, has seen over $251 billion executed to date, while more $230 billion in Market Agreed Coupon swaps (outrights and rolls) have been traded since the introduction of the solution on TW SEF.

Since launching derivatives trading in 2005, nearly $15 trillion in notional volume and over 210,000 trades have been executed on our RFQ and central limit order book (CLOB) derivatives platforms. More than 30 liquidity providers and over 550 institutional clients have traded across Tradeweb derivatives platforms for IRS and CDS indices.