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    J.J. Kenny Drake

    We're pleased to announce that J.J. Kenney Drake recently moved to the MuniBrokers Trading System. This means that J.J. Kenny Drake Offerings and Bid Wanteds will be on MuniBrokers going forward instead of Fabkom. In addition, the Bid Wanteds will be added to the MuniBrokers data feed which supports Bid Wanteds distribution, Bidding and STP through Bloomberg TOMS, e-Toms, FIS Reveal, ZIA and Direct connectivity.

    To access the J.J. Kenny Drake offerings, you will be able to use your existing MuniBrokers account or you may register for one at

    We remain committed to providing you with the highest level of service, now supported by MuniBrokers.

    For additional information please contact us at:

    Settlement Ops Information

    Dealerweb Inc. maintains separate settlement accounts at both the Mortgage-Backed Securities Division (MBD) and the Government Securities Division (GSD) of FICC for comparison and netting of all electronically traded transactions executed on the Dealerweb platform. As a Broker Clearing member of MBD, and a netting member of GSD submits all transactions to MBD and GSD in real-time. Dealerweb’s electronic platform utilizes secure, fully-redundant networks in communicating with the clearing corporation.

    BCP Statement

    The Dealerweb electronic system is fully-redundant and replicated in real-time in its multiple locations. Dealerweb maintains a Business Continuity Plan including redundant networks, hardware, data centers and alternate operational facilities to address interruptions to its normal course of business. These plans are reviewed periodically and updated as necessary. The plans outline the actions Dealerweb will take in the event of significant business interruptions including relocating technology and operational personnel to pre-assigned alternate facilities. Data is replicated in real-time and mission critical systems can be switched to alternate data centers when required. Dealerweb alternate operational facilities are equipped for continuation and resumption of business and settlement responsibilities, and are used in an ongoing basis.

    Dealerweb recovery time objectives for business resumption, including those involving a relocation of personnel or technology are in line with industry standards.

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