Notice to CME Abide Clients

We welcome the opportunity to connect and work with clients, alongside the CME, to provide an efficient, smooth and timely transition to our APA. We will work with you to ensure a fast and seamless on-boarding process.

Tradeweb is a leading APA with a proven track record for non-equity with over 100+ buy-side clients, systematic internalisers (SIs) and venues using our reporting services. Our APA supports all instrument types under the MiFID II transparency regime with flexible connectivity options and customised workflows.

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Reliable Market Insight

Tradeweb’s Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) allows market participants to effectively meet post-trade transparency requirements across all instruments mandated by MiFID II.

The service supports 100+ buy- and sell-side firms, including 20 leading banks. In addition, the Tradeweb APA provides reporting services to the Tradeweb MTF and OTF, as well as two external execution venues.

Assisted Reporting with Tradeweb APA

Assisted Reporting with Tradeweb APA offers an effective way for investment firms to satisfy their post-trade reporting obligation by leveraging dealer connectivity. Already supported by a significant number of sell-side firms representing a large percentage of OTC non-equity trading volumes, investment firms signed up for Assisted Reporting can have their counterparty submit their trades to the Tradeweb APA for publication. To keep investment firms in control of their own reporting obligations, Tradeweb provides a user interface to Assisted Reporting clients, enabling them to review, amend and cancel their reported trades if necessary.

Pre-Trade SI Quotes Service

Tradeweb’s pre-trade SI service offers SIs, an automated mechanism to meet  transparency requirements across all instruments mandated by MiFID II. The service is used by a number of leading banks to “make public” their SI quotes.

MiFID II Transparency Market Data

Under MiFID II, data sets from Tradeweb’s APA, MTF and OTF are accessible as part of the Tradeweb Market Data suite. Subscribers are able to use actual, real-time trade data to make more informed investment decisions.

Tradeweb’s APA is supported by top-tier global banks and leading buy-side firms. By subscribing to Tradeweb’s real-time APA data, clients get access to a large percentage of non-equity OTC trade reports before their non-subscribing peers. In addition, subscribers can benefit from both post-trade and pre-trade data for all products traded on Tradeweb’s MTF and OTF platforms in real-time. 

On-Venue Reporting

Tradeweb venue transparency reports through the Tradeweb APA.

APA Publications
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