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Welcome to Tradeweb Basis Points!

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Over the last five years, fixed income and derivatives markets have become a lot like the weather in New England. If you don’t like them right now, wait a minute… They’ll change. 

With volatile yield swings driven by everything from aggressive central bank intervention to sweeping regulatory reforms, our world can change in an instant with a single news headline. For that reason, it’s more important than ever for us to keep our fingers on the pulse of the market and policy news that’s shaping the dialogue from New York to Tokyo, Washington to Brussels and everywhere in between. 

To help that cause, we’ve developed Basis Points, a curated snapshot of important news and commentary shaping the electronic fixed income and derivatives markets today. Each day, we’ll share the breaking headlines and influential posts that are pinging on our radar.

Today’s must-reads:


Fixed Income: A Brave New World - TabbFORUM

Mandated SEF Trading 'Chaotic' as Credit Deadline Approaches - The Trade


ISDA Finalizes CDS Reforms - IFR

European Benchmark LEgislation Threatens Banks' Derivatives Positions - SNL

Goldman: Reaction to EU Derivatives Rules 'Overblown' - Financial News


Ukraine President's Ouster Props Up Bonds - Wall Street Journal

Dealers Seek US Treasury's Help in Regaining Grip on Debt - Bloomberg News