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How does a holiday tradition begin?

| Tradeweb

When did people start wearing ugly holiday sweaters? Or kissing under the mistletoe? Or playing the Tradeweb Holiday Game? 

We don’t know the answer to the first two, but we do know the third! 

When we began putting together our holiday e-card for clients and friends four years ago, we thought it would be fun to make it a game. So with the help of some elves in technology, we put together the “Tradeweb Downhill Run.” Within a day or two we were pleasantly surprised to learn the game was more popular than we ever expected! People all over were spreading good cheer, sharing it with friends, family and colleagues. 

It wasn’t long until calls and requests for the new Tradeweb Holiday Card began to pile up the next winter, and so a new tradition was born! Since then, we have helped penguins to safety and played defense against some spirited snowmen! 

This year, the race is on to escape from the abominable snowman himself in the “Tradeweb Yeti Run!” We love playing it and hope you enjoy it too! 

Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year from all of us at Tradeweb, Dealerweb and Tradeweb Direct!

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