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CFTC Weekly Swaps Report: Over $209 Trillion in Interest Rate Swap Volume Cleared From February 17-21

| FinReg

As part of its efforts to encourage transparency in the swaps market, the CFTC developed a Weekly Swaps Report, which provides a detailed view of trading activity in the swaps market. 

The latest report shows that cleared notional outstanding volume for interest rate swaps (IRS) stood at more than $209 trillion and credit default swaps (CDS) stood at $2.24 trillion through the week ending February 21, 2014.  The full break-out of gross notional outstanding swaps volume can be accessed here; following is a snapshot:

swaps report 3 7

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In terms of weekly dollar transaction volume, cleared IRS volume was approximately $2.8 trillion and cleared CDS volume was $220 billion through the third full week of February, as seen in the snapshot below:

swaps report 3 7 2

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We’ll continue to keep track of the Weekly Swaps Report in monitoring the industry’s ongoing transition to regulated, electronic swaps trading.