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Creating the standard—and still raising the bar

We were the first to introduce multi-dealer electronic RFQ for Treasuries. Now it’s the global industry standard, and we continue to harness the liquidity of our client network to provide a powerful, efficient platform for trading global government bonds, sovereign debt, mortgage-backed securities and interest rate swaps.

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Your Gateway to the Global Government Bond Market

We give the buy-side access to liquidity from the world’s largest sell-side institutions and market makers across global government bond markets in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe, China and Japan. With this kind of coverage, why would you go anywhere else to trade government bonds?

We took a deep dive into the TIPS market as our clients turned toward these and other inflation-linked securities.

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See how our market data is being used as government bond reference pricing.

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Tackling the Evolving Needs of Derivative Traders Head On

Electronic trading is transforming the swaps marketplace, and we’ve been at the forefront reducing risk, creating more competitive and efficient markets and helping traders navigate the regulatory maze.

Learn how we’re using technology to help solve for challenging market conditions with tools like inflation swaps.

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Check out the monthly progress of LIBOR transition across global currencies on our platform.

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Say Hello to an Easier Way to Trade Specified Pools

We saw what specified pool trading could be, so we used our technology and unmatched insight into the MBS market to transform it into what it should be—SP Marketplace, a single platform to meet the needs of every specified pool trader.

Learn more about the capabilities of our next- generation specified pool trading platform.

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