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Tradeweb CIBM Direct Link

As we continue to explore ways for overseas investors to connect to the Chinese onshore bond market, Tradeweb is the first trading platform to offer electronic request-for-quote (RFQ) trading to the access channel known as China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM) Direct.

Constant Maturity Treasury Rates

Tradeweb and ICE Benchmark Association (IBA) are consulting market participants on an initiative to introduce the Tradeweb ICE Constant Maturity Treasury Rates (“Tradeweb ICE CMT Rates”), which provide market participants with a daily overview of U.S. Treasury yields, based upon transactions executed by institutional investors on Tradeweb.

SONIA Term Reference Rates

As the move away from LIBOR to other risk-free reference rates picks up speed, Tradeweb is here to help with the transition. We draw on our extensive experience of regulatory reform from Dodd-Frank to MiFID II and beyond, to guide our clients through the uncertainty of market structure changes with ease.

U.S. Agencies & SSA

Tradeweb offers swift, seamless access to all major liquidity providers in the U.S. agency market, and beyond the U.S., the ability to efficiently trade supranationals, sovereigns and agencies (SSA).

Credit Default Swaps

For complete access to the market for credit default swaps, Tradeweb provides real-time pricing, axes and market liquidity from leading dealers for Single Name CDS and CDS Indices.

Canadian Money Markets

Tradeweb offers institutional clients direct access to Canadian money markets through an exclusive distribution arrangement with CanDeal, a leading electronic marketplace in Canada.

Buy-Side Firms

Tradeweb Direct provides buy-side firms access to one of the largest fixed-income marketplaces in the U.S., ensuring unprecedented transparency and execution across multiple asset classes.

Swap Execution Facility (SEF)

Success in the changing derivatives marketplace means having the right tools to access liquidity, manage risk and execute your trading strategies. We know that traders need the flexibility of a broad range of protocols to efficiently get their business done, that’s why we offer two regulated SEFs – our fully disclosed, RFQ platform, Tradeweb SEF and our anonymous CLOB platform, Dealerweb SEF.


To ensure that our integration solutions meet or exceed expectations, we assign a dedicated development support team to our clients. This team oversees all phases of the integration process and provides continued personal support throughout the project's lifespan.

U.S. Treasury Closing Prices

The Tradeweb ICE U.S. Treasury Closing Prices (“Closing Prices”) are daily reference prices for U.S. Treasury securities derived from quotes pursuant to a strict, transparent and auditable calculation methodology.

Showing 11 - 20 of 1555 entries