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Precise Price Data

Our comprehensive suite of market data services provides the world’s leading market participants with actionable pre-and-post trade intelligence that informs trade execution strategies and enhances business performance.

Tradeweb Composite Price

Our long-established proprietary trading composite provides precise, real-time prices derived from market activity on the Tradeweb institutional platform comprised of streaming prices from liquidity providers. Download composite overview information here.

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Tradeweb Global Reference Prices

Tradeweb offers a growing suite of IOSCO compliant global reference prices including:

  • Gilt Closing Prices: Tradeweb and FTSE Russell are the market providers of the Gilt and Treasury bill end-of-day reference prices, succeeding the previous provision by the U.K. Debt Management Office (DMO). Learn More

  • Euro Government Bond Closing Prices: Tradeweb and FTSE Russell are the market providers for end-of-day pricing for Euro-denominated government bonds calculated in accordance with IOSCO principles and EU Benchmark Regulation. Learn More

  • U.S. Treasury Closing Prices: Tradeweb and FTSE Russell are the market providers of the U.S. Treasury Closing Prices. Learn More


Reuters Capital Markets (RCM) 19901

RCM 19901 is the premier global rates pricing service for U.S. Treasury market participants. Exclusively powered by Dealerweb Treasury Actives Direct Streams, it enables users to retrieve up-to-date pricing, reference, and validation data whenever and however they need it.

Access Tradeweb Market Data

  • Direct Feeds:  Real time and delayed feeds via Multicast, MDServer, API and Refinitiv Eikon and other partner distributed direct feeds

  • Direct Distribution:  Intraday, end of day and periodic cloud provider distribution (Amazon, Google Cloud, Azure); Amazon Data Marketplace

  • Excel Feed:  Real-time and historical data delivered straight to Excel via Tradeweb MDLink

  • Direct Dealer Content (DDC):  Streaming prices and axe data directly from dealers via Tradeweb API

Tradeweb Curves

Academic Usage

Limited usage licenses are available at low or no cost, please reach out to Tradeweb Reference Prices with your request.