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  • Tradeweb Statement in Response to CFTC Draft Rules


    "We are entirely supportive of the regulators' efforts to modernize the derivatives market, but the new rules need to encourage the growth of a competitive marketplace. Investment in trading and clearing venues by market participants has provided the seed capital leading to the creation of solutions that support the transparency and systemic risk reduction the Dodd-Frank Act seeks to achieve. Competition between clearing organizations, in particular, is best stimulated by rules that ensure open and equal access to DCO's for all SEFs and market participants. Failure to achieve a level playing field for DCO's runs the danger of forming a combined execution and clearing monopoly, stifling innovation and competition."


    In reference to governance 


    "Tradeweb is in favor of independent directors, but at this stage it is unclear what their role will be. For outside board members to be effective, their interests need to be aligned with investors and other stakeholders."



    Clayton McGratty, Tradeweb 

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