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U.S. ETF Trading

The Tradeweb exchange traded funds (ETF) marketplace enhances the existing ETF market with greater pre-trade price transparency and access to institutional-size liquidity. Through our platform, clients can enjoy an automated workflow that offers significantly improved operational efficiency, information processing and compliance support.

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Greater pre-trade transparency
and competitive prices

Clients gain greater market visibility through composite pricing on the platform, and can put up to five liquidity providers in competition when requesting one-way or two-way quotes (RFQs).

Access to more liquidity

Leveraging our technology and diverse network of liquidity providers, clients have access to all U.S.-listed ETFs and can execute block or NAV trades.

Compliance and best execution components

Real-time National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) displayed directly on trade tickets and time-stamped electronic audit trails of all requests and trades support best execution requirements.

Customized connectivity and integration solutions to third party and proprietary Order Management Systems (OMS) provide greater operational efficiency and seamless workflows.

Full market visibility complemented by the ability to execute trades on one screen gives clients the power to immediately act on their trading decisions.

The multi-dealer RFQ streamlines your workflow, replacing the cumbersome process of voice- and message-based price negotiation.

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