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    Getting the trade done is what it’s all about for traders in the interdealer broker marketplace. Whether you trade electronically, over the phone, or use both approaches, you can rely on Dealerweb to get the liquidity you need through highly efficient, relationship-based markets.


    Flexible Interdealer Markets Voice - Hybrid - Electronic 

    Entering the interdealer marketplace with the acquisition of Hilliard Farber & Co., Inc. in 2008, Dealerweb later launched in 2009 with electronic trading of TBA-MBS. Since then, Dealerweb also acquired the brokerage assets of Rafferty Capital Markets LLC in 2011 and has grown its presence across a range of Rates, Credit and municipal IDB markets.

    As electronic trading continues to gain traction across capital markets, Dealerweb continues to innovate in supporting robust liquidity with flexible trading architecture. For example, the launch of new CDX and iTraxx index trading enabled buy- and sell-side clients to access the same bids and offers. Price transparency improved and the industry achieved increased efficiency, attracting significant market share in just a few weeks.

    We continue our history of innovation with our expansion of efficiencies horizontally across interdealer markets, most recently in equity derivatives in 2013 with Exchange for Physicals (EFPs), which is quickly gaining traction.

    We have worked with market participants to offer a fully electronic solution that replicates the existing voice broker process for U.S. markets with anonymous central limit order book matching between dealers and market makers, and immediate post trade notifications.

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