• Multi-dealer liquidity. Greater efficiency. Streamlined processing.

    We’ve introduced this marketplace to bring greater efficiency and more competitive pricing to Exchange-traded fund (ETF) execution.

    Our clients in Europe can trade the full range of European-listed equity, fixed income, commodity and other ETFs from all the leading issuers. Using the RFQ protocol pioneered by Tradeweb, clients can request quotes from up to five dealers and view all responses on one screen. Built-in risk reduction tools, such as direction locking and identifier matching, reduce the likelihood of things going wrong during the trade.

    Key features 

    • A consolidated liquidity pool of major ETF dealers
    • A fully disclosed request-for-quote (RFQ) environment
    • A choice of trade types: risk or closing NAV

    Efficiency throughout the trade cycle 

    It is not only during the trade that we can help our clients be more efficient. Our ETF electronic trading marketplace can be fully integrated into existing workflows and systems, reducing manual errors and settlement problems by streamlining trade processing.  Allocation to sub-accounts can be carried out either before or after the trade, and access to audit trails of all requests and trades supports best execution reporting.

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