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  • Moving ahead in the credit markets

    Since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, traders have been looking for ways to work even faster and more efficiently, accelerating a trend towards electronic trading that has been ongoing for well over a decade. So it’s no surprise that Tradeweb is playing an increasingly important role in the credit markets. Our continuously evolving functionality gives our clients what they need.

    Changes in credit trading

    The trend towards electronic trading in the cash credit markets is most evident in Europe. To support the growing use of electronic trading in Europe, we’ve developed list trading functionality that allows clients to request prices for up to 40 bonds at a time. Bonds analytics and the ability to chart by price, yield, benchmark spread, asset swap spread, I-spread or Z-spread add to the range of tools at the fingertips of buy-side traders. This toolkit, combined with the ability to view real-time streaming prices and inventory on one screen, uniquely positions us to provide asset managers with the tools they need to ramp up the efficiency of their trading operations.

    In the credit derivatives markets, we’ve been providing CDS index trading since 2005. More recently, we introduced CDS markets in the U.S. and Europe which include a range of trading protocols that incorporate the new regulatory framework and provide institutional investors the flexibility that they need to execute their business as efficiently as possible.


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