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We are pioneers in bringing valuable speed, efficiency and transparency to the short-term markets. Tradeweb operates the leading global electronic money markets marketplace, providing access to longer-term liquidity as well as short-term financing on a single, global platform—a combination of scale, choice and innovation you can’t get anywhere else.

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Another essential market transformed

The global repo markets are evolving fast, and we’re innovating to meet the challenges. Our industry-first, global multi-dealer-to-client repo trading platform provides access to the entire market.

Tradeweb’s James Kelly discusses the benefits of trading repo electronically and the current trends and drivers of change in the market.


Tradeweb’s Enrico Bruni talks to WatersTechnology about the electronification of the repo market and our “reverse onion” approach to automating workflows.

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Join our thriving—and growing— repo marketplace.

With more than three quarters of a billion dollars in outstanding global dealer-to-client repo balances and $218 billion average daily traded volume, your access to repo liquidity and opportunities on Tradeweb is unmatched.

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