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Transform your equity trading with multi-dealer RFQ

We’re pioneering new and innovative ways to trade equities, improving efficiency in the market and providing better pricing for participants. Today, we operate a global electronic equity RFQ platform. Whether you’re trading ETFs, equity derivatives, single stocks, or convertible bonds, we deliver a full trade life cycle solution to fit your workflow.

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Rethink the way you trade ETFs

There is a smarter way to trade ETFs, especially if you’re trying to capture significant liquidity more efficiently. Our platform provides pre-trade transparency for improved price discovery and speed of execution to minimize the impact of market movements. By putting multiple liquidity providers in competition, streamlining your workflow, and providing a robust audit trail for best execution, we give you confidence in your routine trades so you can focus on alpha generating activities. 

In Europe, liquidity is more fragmented than in the US, making aggregating in one order a challenge. Learn how Tradeweb RFQ can help solve this.

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In July, a record total notional volume of $36.9 billion was traded on our growing U.S. ETF platform, driven in part by a series of ETF model rebalances, which tend to generate larger trades. Adoption among institutional clients continues to drive volumes in the markets.

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Discover new automated trading opportunities

We built our Automated Intelligent Execution (AiEX) technology to think like a trader. It’s flexible automation that works and behaves a lot like you. We’ve seen adoption across all asset classes but one of the largest has been in European ETFs, where clients are really embracing automation. In August 2021, 71% of trades were automated. (Source: Tradeweb)

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Trade on the best ETF platform in the industry

But don’t just take our word for it. Tradeweb was voted best ETF platform in Europe for the past six years, and for the past three years in the US.

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