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  • May 11, 2015 | Tradeweb

    Tradeweb Wins Best Swap Execution Facility at the Sell Side Technology Awards 2015!

    We are proud to announce that Tradeweb has been named Best Swap Execution Facility as part of the Sell-Side Technology Awards 2015. Tradeweb has remained focused on enhancing liquidity with greater pre-trade transparency and workflow efficiencies while offering our clients with a diverse range of trading protocols, and delivering a range of tools they need to pursue their investment strategies and get trades done.

    These tools include the compression trading functionality through which more than $1 trillion in notional trades have been executed on TW SEF and MAC swaps, which have seen more than $325 billion traded to date.

    Tradeweb volumes have also increased from ~5% of market share for interest rates swaps to more than 40% and 700 clients actively trading on the platform.

    In a statement to Sell-Side Technology, Tradeweb CEO, Lee Olesky noted, "These successes are a testament to our core strategy at Tradeweb: offer market participants the flexibility and connectivity they need to trade, while enhancing their experience with greater price transparency and workflow efficiency."

    Thank you to our employees, clients and the industry for your support and the continued recognition of our SEF! More details on the Sell Side Technology Awards can be found here.


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