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  • Feb 21, 2018 | Tradeweb

    Tradeweb Markets Launches Quarterly Activity Reporting

    Tradeweb began as a simple business plan on a single sheet of paper, committed to providing greater connectivity, transparency and efficiency in the way you trade. We took the first steps together to deliver on that promise, executing the first RFQ trades on Tradeweb 20 years ago.

    On day one, the early adopters of electronic trading trusted us with $125 million in volume; and through two decades of innovation and partnership, that number has grown to average more than $430 billion a day. Together, we’ve transformed the way business gets done in fixed income, derivatives and ETF trading around the world.

    2017 was no exception, from the increasing adoption of our differentiated credit offering, to Tradeweb becoming the first electronic platform linked to China Bond Connect, and all of the work we’ve done together to prepare for MiFID II. We believe the impact of e-trading will only continue to grow in the next twelve months, delivering new solutions for even more products, and broader process innovation across your workflows.

    The greater integration of data and analytics will also play a larger role in the evolution of our markets, fueling new opportunities for Automated Intelligent Execution – AiEX – enhancing your trading with more information, and allowing us to provide you with better operational efficiency.

    It’s the same reason we’re making our aggregate trading volume activity across our businesses and products publicly available: market participants benefit from greater transparency in their decision-making process. You’ll now be able to view a high-level picture of the robust activity on our platform on a quarterly basis, reinforcing your confidence in choosing Tradeweb for your business. Please click here to see our data on

    Thank you for your commitment to all of the opportunities electronic trading represents, and for trusting us to move markets forward over the last twenty years.


    Lee Olesky

    Billy Hult



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