• The building of a global leader

    Since our first U.S. Treasury trade in 1998, we've been developing technology to improve the markets—one milestone at a time.

    • 1996
      Business plan was approved by CSFB1996 History
    • 1997
      Gains backing by Credit Suisse First Boston, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Salomon Brothers
    • 1998
      Launches first multi-dealer online marketplace for U.S. Treasuries
    • 2000
      Opens London office
      Total trading volume surpasses $1 trillion
      Adds U.S. Agencies and European Government Bond marketplaces
    • 2001
      Adds Mortgage Backed Securities, Commercial Paper and Pfandbriefe/Covered Bonds marketplaces
      Begins providing Market Data as a separate business outside of platform
      Back in business two weeks after September 11th attacks destroy World Trade Center office
    • 2002
      Opens new U.S. corporate headquarters in Jersey City, New Jersey
      Adds Supranationals and European Commercial Paper marketplaces
    • 2003
      Daily trading exceeds $100 billion
      Adds Agency Discount Notes marketplace
    • 2004
      Sold by dealer ownership group to Thomson Corp
    • 2005
      Opens Tokyo office
      Total Tradeweb volume surpasses $100 trillion
      Adds Interest Rate Swaps, CDS Indices and Repo marketplaces
      Adds Canadian Debt Securities through strategic partnership with CanDeal
    • 2006
      Enters odd lot retail market with acquisition of LeverTrade
      Adds European Credit marketplace
    • 2008
      Gains investment from 10 leading dealers and Thomson Financial
      Thomson’s AutEx and Order Routing Network move into Tradeweb
      Volume surpasses $300 trillion
      Enters inter-dealer market with acquisition of Hilliard Farber & Co., Inc
    • 2008
      Adds Cash Deposits, Japanese Government Bonds and Yen Swaps marketplaces
    • 2009
      Adds Deposits marketplace in the U.S.
      Launches Dealerweb, an electronic inter-dealer platform, with TBA Mortgage marketplace in the U.S.
      Adds Agencies marketplace through Dealerweb in the U.S.
      Launches Tradeweb PLUS for European Government Bonds (streaming, click-to-trade offering)
    • 2010
      Moves U.S. corporate headquarters to New York City
      Establishes U.S. Center for Brokerage, Technology and Operations in Jersey City
      Adds Equity Derivatives marketplace in Europe
      Expands the Dealerweb IDB offering with Treasury Bills hybrid marketplace
    • 2010
      Adds Certificate of Deposit marketplace in the U.S.
      Launches, providing pertinent news and information on OTC derivatives regulation
    • 2011
      Adds European Repo marketplace
      Adds Australian Government Bonds marketplace
      Acquires Rafferty Capital Markets’ rates, credit and muni brokerage desks (J.J. Kenny Drake)
      Launches Dealerweb electronic IDB marketplace for Off-the-Run U.S. Treasuries
    • 2012
      Enhances Credit marketplace with CEEMEA bonds
      Adds Exchange-Traded Funds marketplace in Europe
      Expanded CDX Index Trading platform to allow dealer-to-dealer trading
    • 2013
      Acquires BondDesk Group LLC and Interactive Portfolio Solutions
      Expands Dealerweb IDB offering into derivatives and European markets
      Launches ETFs, Credit Sweeps and Delta1
      Adds TW SEF and DW SEF as registered Tradeweb Swap Execution Facilities with the CFTC and adds Floating Rate Notes to the Tradeweb marketplace
    • 2014
      Completes the firm’s first sponsored access trade on TW SEF
      Announces strategic alliance with BlackRock to create fully electronic rates trading solution
      Launches active U.S. Treasury trading on Dealerweb
      Adds U.S. Corporate Bond marketplace
    • 2015
      Launches ETP trading in Japan with first regulated Yen swap trade
      Introduces ETF Axes and Data Reports to improve discovery of liquidity
      Executes first on-SEF MBS swap package on TW SEF
      Awarded European Central Bank Electronic Trading Platform contracts
    • 2015
      Daily trading volume exceeds $300 billion
    • 2016
      Launches U.S. ETF Trading
      Acquires CodeStreet
    • 2017
      Opens China Bond Market through Bond Connect
      Launches Electronic Swaptions Trading on TW SEF
      Launches All-to-All Corporate Bond Trading
      Makes strategic investment in DealVector
    • 2018
      Launches APA Reporting Services
      Opens Amsterdam and Shanghai offices
      Launches U.S. Options platform
      Enters strategic partnership with Plato to deliver Tradeweb Plato ‘eBlock' platform for European Equities trading
    • 2018
      Partners with Freddie Mac to develop exchange path related to the Single Security Initiative

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