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    ReplayService for Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform

    Experience the next generation of tools for capturing, analyzing and replaying real-time market data.

    ReplayService for Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP) is the industry standard QA and Development environment for users of Thomson Reuters real-time market data.

    Replay for TREP provides a fully integrated development environment for users to dynamically manipulate market data for testing market data applications.



    Core Features

    Capture & Replay Data: Record data from TREP or import from Thomson Reuters Tick History and replay that data into your infrastructure.

    View, Transform & Compare Data: View each market data message, transform the message based on specific scenarios and compare both Marketfeed and OMM data coming from TREP/RMDS or RDF/Elektron.

    Debug Market Data Apps: Using the DevStudio feature, dynamically set breakpoints, insert status messages and modify FID values in the replay stream on the fly.




    Capture, Analyze and Replay for Messaging Middleware

    Building message recovery into an application is costly and additionally involves long-term support costs. ReplayService™ provides a robust, hardened message recovery solution that is running successfully at the heart of mission critical banking systems.

    Core Features

    • Records and replays most flavors of messaging middleware
    • Simpler store and forward architecture requiring no pre-registration
    • Message and State Recovery: Out of Critical Path
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Flow control
    • Auditing (infrastructure and content)
    • Capacity planning and issue resolution
    • Automated testing and application development


    Protocols Supported

    • Tibco EMS
    • IBM MQ
    • Solace
    • Active MQ
    • JMS (Java Message Service)


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