• Single-click access to the Canadian bond market 

    Since the launch of its U.S. Treasury market, clients have been able to trade an increasingly broad range of government debt on Tradeweb. The platform that brought you U.S., European and Japanese government bond markets also provides access to the Canadian rates products under an exclusive distribution arrangement with CanDeal, the leading electronic marketplace for Canadian fixed-income and derivative instruments. Clients around the world can trade Canadian debt on the same integrated platform that they can to access other government markets, taking advantage of direct access to liquidity and seamless straight-through processing. Canadian bonds are available on Tradeweb in a similar way to the other sovereign debt markets, principally using the request-for-quote (RFQ) trading protocol. Clients also benefit from compliance tools and a perpetual audit trail.

    Key features:  

    • Deep liquidity – 11 dealers, including all of Canada's primary dealers.
    • Simultaneously query up to four dealers for firm prices.
    • View & trade a full range of Canadian bonds - Government of Canada Bonds, Canadian Housing Trust CMBs, Provincial Bonds, Real Return Bonds (RRBs) and Corporate Bonds.
    • Trading hours:  9am GMT/4am EST to 10pm GMT/5pm EST

    For additional information about CanDeal click here. 

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