• One screen – the entire street. Eliminate stale offering sheets.

    Tradeweb has played a central role in creating a global platform for money market participants. Over the past decade, it has established a reputation for efficient, reliable access to the offerings of the world’s largest dealers. In addition to its U.S. and European money markets suite, Tradeweb is able to offer clients direct access to the Canadian money market products through an exclusive distribution arrangement with CanDeal, a leading electronic marketplace in Canada.

    Clients are able to view live dealer offerings and compare executable rates on a single screen. A built-in search engine allows you to quickly filter all offerings for a variety of metrics ensuring you can quickly find products that suit your needs. For your CTB trading, experience superior price discovery using a multi-dealer request-for-quote trading protocol.

    It’s never been faster or more efficient for institutional investors and cash managers to seek out the most suitable money market offerings from their dealers.

    Key features:

    • Multi-dealer request-for-quote trading for CTBs
    • Commingled money market offerings on a single screen: Crown Corps, Provincial Notes, BAs, BDNs, Term Deposits, Securitized Paper & CP
    • Liquidity of 11 leading dealers
    • Trading hours: 7am to 5pm EST 

    Liquidity providers:

    • Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Canada
    • BMO Capital Markets
    • Casgrain & Company Ltd.
    • CIBC
    • Desjardins Capital Markets
    • HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc.
    • Laurentian Bank Securities
    • National Bank Financial
    • RBC Capital Markets
    • Scotiabank
    • TD Securities

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