• A more efficient, integrated approach to Equity Derivatives.

    With recent market volatility, more buy-side traders are turning away from traditional voice markets toward electronic marketplaces like Tradeweb. In addition to being more convenient, Tradeweb is faster and more efficient. It connects to your existing workflow, so order management systems on the buy side can talk directly to the relevant trading desk on the sell-side. As a consequence, there’s no “re-keying” of orders, causing fewer errors and faster interaction between counterparties. 


    • U.S. options on all U.S. listed single stocks, ETFs and equity indices
    • European futures and options - block-sized listed, block-sized flex or bilateral 

    Key features: 

    • Improved price discovery and efficiency
    • Faster response times — dealers have a set time to respond to RFQs
    • Can be fully integrated into existing workflows and systems

    Benefits of speed

    When markets are moving fast, the speed of executing a trade is everything. With Tradeweb, the market has less of a chance to move while you wait to get quotes back, increasing your likelihood of completing the trade. In addition to speed, Tradeweb gives you flexibility, including access to numerous trading strategies.

    Increased transparency

    Customized reports during and after the trade process allow traders to demonstrate evidence of best execution to their fund managers, risk controllers and any business managers interested in seeing precisely how well a trade has been executed. This transparency is a big reason electronic trading venues like Tradeweb are seen as the future of derivatives trading by many regulators in the U.S. and Europe.

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