• General FAQ

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      What kind of investor can use Tradeweb?

      You must be an institutional investor to trade on Tradeweb. There are no minimum requirements (such as the size of company or AUM) imposed by Tradeweb. However, you must be enabled on the platform by the dealers who may impose individually-determined minimum requirements.


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      I already have Bloomberg access. Would I benefit from Tradeweb?

      Yes, there are many benefits. We’d love to speak with you to discuss in more detail.


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      What does it cost?

      There are no start up, installation, hardware or cancellation costs, and there is no term to the legal agreement (i.e. no annual contract). You have the option to cancel at any time. Pricing schedules vary by market, but most markets follow a monthly subscription fee schedule (per login ID). In some cases, there is a transaction fee in addition to or instead of a subscription fee.


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      Do I have to be set up with dealers to trade on Tradeweb? Can you help if I’m not?

      Yes. We will introduce you to the dealers as a new client on Tradeweb and suggest that they consider you as a trading partner.

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      Is there a trial period for the service?

      Yes, we encourage you to evaluate the system for yourself so you can decide if Tradeweb is a good fit for your business. We offer a free 30-day trial that typically begins after you are enabled by a few dealers to trade.

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      How will I learn how to use the product?

      We offer comprehensive training for each user by a product training specialist when you become a client. We also offer online help and user guides that are accessible once your access is authorized. In addition, we offer immediate personalized phone and email support during trading hours. Contact or 1-800-541-2268.

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      Do you offer post-trade analysis?

      Yes. Clients can use InSite, a proprietary portal that provides access to our comprehensive post-trade services, including transaction cost analysis and best execution and performance reporting.



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      Can you integrate with my back-end (i.e. OMS, accounting, risk, trade capture, etc.) systems?

      Yes, we offer multiple options connecting to third party or proprietary systems. Our highly experienced integration team will work with you to establish connectivity.

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      What is the full process like to become a client?

      After an initial assessment of your needs, we will tailor a product demonstration specifically for you. If it is determined that a Tradeweb relationship is a good fit, we will send you legal agreements to be reviewed and signed. Users will be set up with login IDs and software. We will then announce you as a new client and notify dealers that they should consider enabling you. Once you are enabled by dealers, you can take advantage of a free 30-day trial and begin trading after you’ve completed a training session with one of our product specialists.


      Ongoing support is provided if you have questions as you further familiarize yourself with the platform. You can reach out to product support during trading hours.


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      Which markets are traded on Tradeweb?


      Agency Discount Notes
      ARMs and Specified Pools
      Asset-backed Securities
      Canadian Debt Securities
      Canadian Money Market
      Certificates of Deposit
      Commercial Paper
      Covered Bonds
      Credit Default Swaps
      Emerging Markets
      Equity Derivatives
      European Credit
      European Repo
      European-listed ETFs
      Government Bonds – European
      Government Bonds – Japanese
      Government Bonds – Australian
      Interest Rate Swaps
      Investment Grade Corporates
      Markit IOS/MBX
      Mortgage-backed Securities
      Municipal Bonds
      Structured Products
      Supranationals, Agencies and Sovereigns (SAS)
      U.S. Agencies
      U.S. Agencies/Agency CMOs
      U.S. Corporate Bonds
      U.S. Treasuries
      U.S. Tri-Party Repo
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      How can I get a Tradeweb ID?

      For access to the Production Viewer, the authorized administrator at your firm will need to send a request to Dealer Support. For access to the Dealer Dev Viewer, you can send a request directly to Dealer Support.
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      How do I get information on, and/or access to, my account?

      Contact Dealer Support or your authorized administrator.
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      As a dealer, how can I generate reports for various statistics, trading details, etc.?

      The Dealer Resources Center (DRC) and the Account Resources Center (ARC) are both available which contain a vast amount of useful information taken from your account activity. Both require separate access from your Tradeweb account, and have to be approved by your authorized administrator.
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      Where can I find detailed information for products on Tradeweb?

      Log into the Tradeweb Viewer to access the help pages.
  • Tech Support FAQ

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      How can I download the Tradeweb client viewer?

      You can access the software download from the Client Area on Speak to a Customer Relations representative to obtain the login information.
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      How can I download the Tradeweb dealer software?

      Speak to a Dealer Support representative to obtain download instructions and connection parameters, based on the product.

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