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    Transparency Reporting

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    MiFIR transparency waivers and deferrals applied on the Tradeweb MTF and OTF

    MiFIR requires trading venues to make public information about bids and offers, and completed trades. These obligations can be waived or publication deferred in certain circumstances, as permitted by MiFIR and where the venue’s competent authority has given its approval. As set out in our MTF and OTF Rulebooks (Rules 5.12 and 5.13 of MTF Rulebook and 5.19 and 5.20 of the OTF Rulebook), Tradeweb has received approval from the FCA to use a number of waivers and deferrals. We describe in this document how these will apply when trading on the Tradeweb MTF or OTF from 3 January 2018. The waivers and deferrals are available for qualifying transactions in single instruments and packages. Any changes to waivers and deferrals that Tradeweb might apply to transactions on the MTF and OTF from time to time will be updated on the document.

    Packages offered on the Tradeweb MTF: MEFRROC Requirement 

    MiFIR Article 2(1)(50) defines “package transaction” with prong (ii) requiring that “each component of the transaction bears meaningful economic or financial risk related to all the other components”. ESMA, in its Q&As on Transparency topics, Chapter 4 Question 4 (a) defines this requirement as “mefrroc” and clarifies that it expects “trading venues … to document how the mefrroc requirement is met, either in contract specifications for packages traded on trading venues or on a package-by-package basis in case of OTC-transactions.”

    Tradeweb offers a number of “packages” on its MTF as specified below and updated from time to time. All of the listed packages consist of components that bear a meaningful risk in relation to all other components and, on that basis, satisfy the above described mefrroc requirement. Packages of two, three or more components are executed contingently, priced as a unit and quoted with a single price for the entire package. Users of the Tradeweb MTF are unable to add instruments to a package without having an impact on the quoted price. Where a package consists of several instruments (LIST trading) neither the RFQ requester nor the executing liquidity provider is able to execute a limited amount of package components (“all-or-nothing”).

    MEFRROC: Packages offered on the MTF

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